Employing a qualified and competent health and fitness professional can be the most rewarding investment of your life. However, when placing your health and body into the hands of a trainer be very clear with your expectations. I have created a free report to guide you in the process of choosing a professional who will effectively be able to positively change your life. Click here to be sent this comprehensive guide.

It’s extremely important to seek recommendations not just from clients but from industry/clinical experts. Please read endorsements from leading experts in the sport and clinical therapy regarding my experience, knowledge and professionalism.


Professional Endorsements:

Dr Liudmila Karpenko - Mekong Clinic, Cambodia - Read Testimonial

Dean McNamara - Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Sydney - Read Testimonial

Dick van der Poel - Physiotherapy Phnom Penh Clinic - Read Testimonial

Mike Nicol - Director: The Running School, London - Read Testimonial

Alex Wheatman - British and World Powerlifting Champion - Read Testimonial


Client Testimonals:

Kim Davis - "I was called “obese” in front of 8 million people on TV" - Read Testimonial

Ian Kelso - "Encouragement and motivation" - Read Testimonial

Jonathon Selby - "I actually enjoyed the sessions with Phil" - Read Testimonial

David Brierley - "senior physio... were constantly amazed & impressed" - Read Testimonial

Lindsey Pierce - "I was never hungry or craved foods. This is huge for me!" - Read Testimonial

Christy Boucher - "I dropped from a UK dress size 12 to a 6" - Read Testimonial

Jennifer Spelman - Lost over 9lbs & 2 1/2 inches in 5 weeks - Read Testimonial

Martine George - "Imporved my ability to dance and perform" - Read Testimonial


Nutrition Testimonals:

Akemi Rhea, "I feel 10 years younger" - Read my testimonial

Danielle Stewardson, "The best money I've ever spent" - Read my testimonial

Will Yorke, lost 6.1cm off his waist & 4% body fat in 8 weeks - Read my testimonial 

Jan Gilbert, lost 6kg, 7.8cm of her waist & 5.7cm of her hips in 6 weeks - Read my testimonial

Matt Rees, lost 7kg, 8.1cm off his waist & 7.3cm off his hips in 6 weeks - Read my testimonial

Rob Hughes, lost 5.3% body fat & 5kg in 6 weeks - Read my testimonial

Troy Boggart, lost 4.3% body fat & 4.5kg of fat in 6 weeks - Read my testimonial

Kim Moody, lost 6 kilos in 8 weeks - Read my testimonial

Jessica Gibson, lost 8kg, 9cm of her waist & 6% body fat in 6 weeks - Read my testimonial

Julie Emery, "I'm full of energy and I love my life" - Read my testimonial

Marte Vindspoll, "Very relevant and useful" - Read my testimonial

Other great results! - View them here

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Dedicated to the prosperity of my clients. My mission is to educate and empower people to be all they can be. To provide quality, accurate, professional and affordable fitness and health services to enrich peoples lives.