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  • Caroline - lost an amazing 13cm from her waist
  • David - slimmed 8.5cm from his waist and dropped 7.5kg
  • Frank - lost 7.5kg, 6% body fat, Increased lean muscle tissue & shaved 6.5cm off his waist
  • Sue - lost 6kg, 4.3% body fat, dropped 6.2cm off her waist & 5.3cm off her hips
  • Dila – lost 4.5kg, dropped 5.3cm off her waist & 5.9cm off her hips
  • Stewart – Lost 8kg, 4.2% body fat & slimmed 9cm off his waist
  • Matt – Lost 7kg, trimmed 8.1cm off his waist and 7.3cm off his hips
  • Sydney – lost 2.5kg, 5.2% body fat & dropped 6cm off her waist & 8.3cm off her hips. This means she lost fat and gained muscle to totally transform how she looks
  • Olly – Lost 5.3cm off her waist and totally banished her stomach bloating and lifelong issues with constipation.

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