Ian Kelso: encouragement & motivation

“I have trained with Phil for 5 years. My priorities were to increase my general fitness level and specifically to train for skiing which I like to do at an advanced level, as well as the odd 10km run.

Phil provided encouragement and motivation as I started in an unfit state and we have worked on a variety of programmes that have aimed to build up my core muscle groups, balance and coordination.

He remains patient and is excellent at breaking down exercise regimes into single steps to enable me to grasp what is required and then to build this up into a more complex series of movements. I have worked both indoors at a gym with Phil and over the last year outdoors in a park which has made exercising a lot more fun and challenging.

Phil has very good communication skills and his training and professional background means you are working with a highly competent and exceptionally qualified sports professional. He comes recommended at the highest level.”

Ian Kelso

St Johns Wood

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