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                    & THE BODY WILL FOLLOW  


Mental preparation when striving for positive life change is the most overlooked aspect yet most important. People enter into body transformation and fitness with no real plan, unrealistic expectations, unrealistic time frames and non-existent review mechanisms. Here's a stat for you: self-directed fat loss programs fail a staggering 98% of the time.



The difference between those who make it and those who don't is won or lost before they even step into the gym or kitchen. Your mindset will be the difference to achieving fantastic, mediocre or minimal results.

Changing the body is actually very easy, as it will simply respond to the actions or habits of diet, activity and lifestyle it ‘encounters’. The hard part is deciding to change, committing to actions that will bring about change and being consistent in completing those actions.

The process or mindset of real transformation, both health and body, is the most important aspect to develop first when having to change your habits and daily/weekly routine. “An orienteer can find a destination without a clear map”.

A strong mental acceptance of what is required and a cast-iron will is what everyone needs to develop. Phil Kelly, KiwiFitness and Body Expert Systems, sets out easy to follow, simple to complete and effective instructions and guides to build an awareness and commitment to actions that will deliver great results.

For success in any endeavour, the subconscious mind must be in tune with your conscious desires. It is the role of the subconscious that will determine the outcome. Because if the conscious mind determined success, then any goal you said you wanted to achieve you would easily attain, provided you knew how. This is not the case. The subconscious is where change-1all your previous experiences and beliefs are held. These can be thought of as the writing on the wall of your mind. Whenever you try and act consciously, the subconscious first checks with the writing inside the mind to see that this is something you really want to do. For example, if you thought, “I am going to jump off this cliff into water,” the subconscious would check with what it has written down in your mind about jumping off a high cliff and influence your decision. This is obviously vital in this example, and the writing in your mind on this subject is fairly clear, “cliff high, landing hurt... do not jump in.”

However, what happens when a more neutral thought occurs that has conflicting writing on the wall? For example, if you said, “I want to lose 10 pounds of fat,” the subconscious writing on the wall may read, “You need to do this, you'll feel great,” but at the same time, there may also be thoughts saying, “You cannot lose weight”. Beliefs saying, “You will become unpopular among your friends” and memories saying, “Thin people are arrogant” and “You don’t deserve to be thin.” These would all conflict with the conscious, and ultimately, these thoughts, beliefs and memories would determine your behaviour.

Subconscious pictures are quite often what hold people back from achieving their goals. How you see yourself is also related to the habits you possess and what you deem appropriate behaviour. In addition, your subconscious profile can also sabotage successful fat loss, as when an individual reaches their goal if they don’t feel comfortable at their new weight/shape they will retain their overweight habits, which will eventually revert them back to being over weight.

KiwiFitness asks the right questions and gives you the tools to allow you to succeed. When shaping change in your habits, simplicity is key… the change needs to be made as attainable as possible.

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