About Phil Kelly

"My mission is to educate and empower people to be all they can be. To provide quality, accurate, professional and results driven fitness and health services to enrich peoples lives". 

The major barriers most people face when trying to increase physical activity is time, access to convenient facilities, and safe environments in which to be active. Phil helps his clients overcome these and other barriers to ensure they can achieve their health and fitness desires.

"As a brand KiwiFitness describes who I am. I am a “Kiwi” (New Zealander) and have always found the ‘organism’ or the ‘machine’ that we walk around in completely fascinating. Our bodies do more than just interpret the world for our personalities or souls. Our bodies are our ‘lives’ epicenter… if your body is clogged up, acidic, inflamed and chemically or hormonally imbalanced you will never feel your ‘best’. We have a lot of control over how we feel, how easy day to day activities can be, and our susceptibility to illness through our daily lifestyle and nutrition choices". 

Some of Phil's accomplishments include:

  • Has worked with celebrities, models, professional athletes and dancers
  • Proven extreme results including helping one man lose over 10 stone (65kg/143lbs)!
  • On average clients lose a dress sizes in 6 weeks and keep it off
  • Rehabilitation of serious injury and postural conditions by improving stability, function, strength and proprioperception

Phil lives in-line with the principles he teaches and promotes. “I strongly believe that we should not just be “gym rats”. Spinning a wheel of the treadmill or stationary cycle but training and eating well to have energy to thrive! To have the ability and health to trek that mountain range you’ve dreamed of, run the charity event to support a fantastic cause, play and enjoy your favourite activity with friends, to play with your kids without worry of back pain or simply wake up in the morning and feel amazing… the greatest thing is being willing to give up who we are, to become all we can become!”

Please view my Background, Qualifications and Experience to better understand how I can help you achieve your health, fitness and transformation desires. 



Unlike most other personal trainers, who finish their 3-6 month online qualifications and then set out on their own having no experience or guidance. Phil has developed his knowledge and experience over a decade and a half through working within highly reputable institutes and industry leading companies. For the majority of his career these organisations have constantly monitored, performance reviewed and supported him to become one of the top health practitioners and transformation coaches in the industry. Phil has continued his education role and endeavours to give back by providing internships and mentoring programmes to promising fitness professionals in an effort to improve the level of service throughout the fitness industry.

Phil Kelly – KiwiFitness have a proven track record of changing peoples lives by giving them the knowledge and tools to be able to establish and then maintain positive life-long change. Consequently, enabling participants to live a healthier and more satisfying life.

Since 1995 Phil has worked with a wide variety of individuals from professional athletes and high profile individuals to the general public. He achieves a great deal of success with a wide variety of unique clients goals; improved performance, injury rehabilitation, pregnancy, to people wanting to improve their general quality of life, fitness and appearance. He has an educational background having tutored at University level and lectured young regional sports performers on principle training aspects and nutrition. Phil continually stays at the forefront of the fitness industry by attending continuing education courses.

Phil has a vast sporting and outdoor pursuits background having competed in triathlons, rugby, hockey, swimming, athletics and mountain biking. He has a keen interest in snowboarding, surfing, tennis and watching the All Blacks.



Bachelor of Leisure Studies (University of Waikato)

Certificate of Sport and Leisure (Northland Polytechnic)

New Zealand Sports Coaching Certified

Kiwi Sport Coaching Certified (Disabilities & Children)

Certified as an Advanced Instructor with the Register of Exercise Professionals

Biomechanical Assessor (Intelligent Training Systems)

Corrective Exercise Specialist (National Academy of Sports Medicine)

Postural Assessment & Correction (Intelligent Fitness)

Metabolic Specialist (Humanlab)

Fitness Nutrition Specialist (National Academy of Sports Medicine)

Ante & Post Natal Conditioning (Lifetime)

Boxing Instructor (Fight Klub)

Kettlebell Instructor(Optimal Life Fitness)

Schwinn Cycle Instructor

TRX Suspension Trainer (Fitness Anywhere Inc)

Flexibility: the science & art of stretching (Intelligent Fitness)

The Science of Torso Training (Intelligent Fitness)



April 08 – Current

Owner of KiwiFitness: Body Expert Systems

(Cambodia Branch – July 2010) (Vietnam Branch - August 2012)

Jan 09 – June 10 Exercise & Lifestyle Manager (The Riverside Health & Racquets Club)
Aug 08 – Dec 08 General Manager (Esporta Chiswick Park)
May 08 - Aug 08 Fitness Manager (Esporta Chiswick Park)
Nov 01 – April 08 Master Personal Trainer (Esporta Swiss Cottage)
Nov 01 – Dec 02 Freelance Personal Trainer (Holmes Place Marylebone High Street)
Sept 98 – Mar 01 Tutor - Anatomy & Physiology (University of Waikato, BLS department)
Sept 98 - Mar 01 Presenter - Hamilton Young Sports Achievers (Sport Waikato Trust)
Sept 98 - Mar 01   Sports & Event Co-ordinator (Campus Services LTD University of Waikato)
1996 – 1998

Fitness Instructor / Personal Trainer (University Recreation Centre, University of Waikato)

Certified by...

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Personal Statement

Dedicated to the prosperity of my clients. My mission is to educate and empower people to be all they can be. To provide quality, accurate, professional and affordable fitness and health services to enrich peoples lives.